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    In Computer Sciences

    The school has computer labaratory for specifically computer sciences.....

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    Lycee de kigali Library

    In the library, there is also internet connectivity sponsored by ministry of education where students can surf and research more further about their lessons......

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    The administration Lycee De Kigali

    Atlest each year,the headmaster receives more than one trophy either in sport or any other field being excellence,hygiene,social activities participation.....

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    Students at Lycee De Kigali

    After the 1994 Genocide,the school admitted English speaking students in combinations Maths-Physics and Biology-Chemistry......

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    Lycee De Kigali, Labaratory

    The school has different separate labs for following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and laboratory equipments are also sufficient. One cannot fear without doubt to say that” Lycee de Kigali is among few schools that have modern full equipped labs.”.....

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    In Sports and Entertainment

    Lycee De Kigali is the best debating school in East Africa for this year of 2013. Lycee DeKigali debating club students were not afraid to triump their collegues from Uganda,Kenya, andTanzania......

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    Lycee De Kigali in Academics

    Lycee de Kigali is one of the best in terms of academic excellence among government schools in Rwanda......


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